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Can I select a specific date on which I will be charged each month?

Not yet. The dates on which you will be charged are driven by the first date of purchase. The second shipment for subscriptions will process 25 days after the first charge to ensure you have sufficient Basis on hand. For the third shipment and onward, they will process every 30 days. To make adjustments to your next charge date, send your request to


For the monthly pay-as-you-go plans, this means that depending upon the date of purchase, you could be charged both on the 1st of the month and the 31st (30 days later). If you would like to adjust the date your shipment processes, just send an email to; however, the cadence will remain every 30 days from that date moving forward.

For prepaid annual and semi-annual plans, you will be charged upon plan renewal. To change the date of your plan renewal, send us an email with your preferred renewal date to